The end of another semester is nearing, so that means getting back assignments and test papers. As I look through my answers, I realize that I can’t recall ever having put those particular words there.

I’m a stranger to my own work!

(I could have put this on Twitter, but I feel I am neglecting my poor blog)

PS : It’s raining, gorgeous weather I’d say, if only I didn’t have to go out and catch two buses to college now.

And now the loops are reminiscing
Recurring dreams of minor chords
Metered time
Muted chimes find the beat
-Maria Taylor “Song Beneath the Song”

It feels like I can breathe again.

It might be the rain, or the fact that I’m lying on my bed listening to it. Or just that I have nowhere to be except here right now. I have nobody to be with right at this moment but myself.

There are times when I long for moments like these. When the light, and the pace of everything is right, is blended into now. When the words flow easily. When I have time to think what I am thinking, and to think about thinking about something else, just because I can.

I can fall asleep now, if I want to. Or lie wide awake, just the same.

It’s the middle of the week, I’m in love, and it’s raining.

Washing away the days

So, my results came out some time ago. I did pretty ok my two best subjects being Literature and Political Science , and that seems fitting enough since they are the ones I enjoy the most ! I’m happy I decided to continue with Literature in college, but only time will tell if I’ll be any good at it at the degree level. And lets just say, I made the right decision in not continuing with history ;)

I am loving the weather here! I made a post a while ago complaining about the heat and voila! Rain!

I switched to the Advanced Mode on my EEEPC ,and it’s so much better! Customizing my desktop has become so much simpler! Since I still have some time left on my hands, lets see what I can do to personalize this thing more..