Maybe another time?

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams

So am I happy where I am ?

I think I always will be. It irritates me to no end when I hear about people who got into one college, paid for the seat and even attended a few classes and then decide “I don’t like it” and then leave. Are you even thinking about the numerous people who were in line for the same seat, and the chance you denied them?

College has taken me away from so many things. People, places, routines. Sometimes my phone rings, and I know it’s another “hiii how are you? how’s college? hows the boyfriend? ok so we’re all meeting at x at 9pm so be there ok? byeee” call and I think to myself – do I really want to meet these people? I remember all the times I begged and cried for permission to go to one of these “social” events where everybody dressed far older than their actual age, and then everybody was starving but nobody said a word because it was soo cool to eat at like 11 30 pm after getting “drunk” on a Breezer. And then, after to going to a few of these, I would pretend like I had a great time when actually I was still starving( because of course, I had to leave before dinner was served since I had a curfew) , and my feet hurt like crazy.

I know it’s changed by now. Dinner probably isn’t served at all, and the alcohol has gotten stronger. And don’t get me wrong – I love to listen to all the after party stories of how x got so drunk she puked all over y, and how z caught her boyfriend a making out with b, and dear god what WAS d wearing!? I have the post-party Facebook pictures for that :)

There might come a time when I enjoy the party scene, who knows. But right now, it’s kind of a regressive situation! Right now, my idea of a good time involves GOOD FOOD, people actually eating the good food, and actually genuinely having a conversation with a friend that doesn’t involve the furious scrutinizing of what the other person is wearing while trying to plaster an obviously fake smile on your face while you say – “ooh my god I’ve missed you soooooooooooooo much!”

5 thoughts on “Maybe another time?

  1. People need to pretend that every passing day doesn’t actually bring them closer to death. They will use whatever means they have to achieve that. A drunken, gossippy party full of hypocritical expressions of goodwill is a good way of saying “Eat, drink and be merry, for we’re never gonna die!”

  2. But you have to go through a few of those from time to time and find out if you actually that stuff. I still can’t get myself to like those parties! I need to have a group of people I know well to have fun at any party!

  3. :) I know exactly what you mean. Two years in college and you’ll be eating GOOD FOOD and having lovely conversations with the same people who were wearing tiny skirts and starving in high school. People grow; some in directions you’d rather not talk about. Others just don’t grow out, they just grow deeper in to it.. they are worth it for the facebook pictures and good food gossip.

  4. Landed on your blog by chance.

    May be you would like to listen another side of story.

    There are guys who keep dreaming of these type of parties all their young life , These are the guys who have limited amount of money ,charm and status to attend these parties.

    I was same kindaof guy, Who spent his whole college life listening and reading of such parties , Me used to spend whole month in 1000 bucks, Now looking back it seems so impossible :)

    Now after 1.3 years of my college and after being a successfull professional and earning more than 40k per month, I attended 2 parties till date and left it early.

    Because i never knew what to do ?, What to say ?

    I still fear my non-availability of real social circle and abundance of professional circle . And the worst part is in the process of getting success it looks like i am making a big 0 in my life.

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