Stop telling me things!

You know I just realized.. Because we are all so ”connected” and living in age where information disseminates so quickly, and so fast, it’s difficult to hang on to life’s ‘SURPRISE!’ moments anymore. Case in point is the way the movie business has changed, I think. I’m doing everything in my power to stay away from stills/videos/blah related to the New Moon movie but it’s just so difficult! I have Perez Hilton tempting me with photographs from the sets, but I truly honestly don’t want to know anything! This is almost as bad as when a mean classmate once told me the ending of the fourth Harry Potter book because, well, she was nasty.

And now, because I’m following Imran Khan on Twitter, I’m going to get regular updates about his new film with Sonam Kapoor. So what, now to protect myself, I guess I have to disconnect from the world!

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