So this is a LONG over due post! Anyway, a bunch of us from class got to attend the 15th International Film Festival of Kerala held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in December. Although the festival was from the 10th of December till the 17th, we got permission to attend it only till the 14th :(

However, the short time we spent in Trivandrum was awesome fun! It really is a lovely little place. The weather was quite pleasant during that time of the year. I didn’t do any sight seeing, but we did manage to visit the Shanghumugham beach for a little while which was nice. I also didn’t get to eat as much sea food as I wanted since meals were eaten at the nearest restaurant to the theatre(s), and there wasn’t much time to linger since most of the places we ate in were crowded and always had people waiting to grab our table before we had even finished our food :p

A lot of people were quite thrilled when they found out at that 13 girls had travelled all the way from Bangalore to attend the festival! The best part of the trip for me was when the waiter at a restaurant I was at recognized me from my picture in the paper (that had been taken the day before by photographers and television reporters who INSISTED on interviewing us ‘to find out about how we felt attending the festival’ before we had even gotten a copy of the schedule!). He excitedly said something to me in Malayalam (I thought he was just being polite – the hospitality we saw was really heartwarming), ran off and came back with the paper, pointing me out in the photo and then pointed at me! Here is a TwitPic of the picture in the paper

So on the whole, had tonnes of fun. The festival was really, really well organized. Right from the ID cards, to the online/sms balcony reservation system, to the beautifully detailed festival handbook. The theaters were really quite magnificent!

Here is the list of movies I managed to see at IFFK/2010 :

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