Things people never tell you about college

I’m officially a graduate!

Now I can dispense college-related advice :) I might say things like ..

  •  Never take the canteen for granted. Sometimes, you may disagree with its choices and leave, but once you realise that the KFC down the road is just too high maintainance, you’ll go running back.
  • Teachers have favourites, no matter what they tell you. The sooner you accept this, the better. Then its up to you if you want to be one of those elite few, or the ones sniggering at the elite few (who, by the way, still want to be part of the elite few).
  • Assignments never have a fixed due date, no matter how dire the first warning. There will always be another “last date” – especially when you’ve worked your ass off to get your assignment done on time.
  • No matter how smart you think you are for deciding to start on an assignment early, it will never happen. You will always put it off, till the night before.
  • On a related note – the one time you decide not to do an assignment? Yeah, that one’s going to be considered for internal assessment.
  • You will always be told “your batch is one of the best I’ve taught” when you approach graduation.
  • Someone will always be missing in your class photo, despite having planned the date five gazillion days in advance.
  • Someone will always slack off in a group project. And then might even try to take credit for “work they did”.
  • Everyone bitches about everyone.
  • If someone says : “OHMYGOD! I am going to fail! I didn’t study AT ALL. I watched tv all day, and then fell asleep! Help me!” it actually means “OHMYGOD! I am going to get distinction and make you want to kill yourself for feeling bad for me and giving me your essay points when in reality I started studying while I was still in the auto on the way home from the previous exam HAHA SUCKER!”
  • If a teacher understandingly says : “If you’re here just for attendance, you can leave. I will give you attendance” DON’T FALL FOR IT.  You’re not going to get attendance if you leave. Probably for the whole semester.
  •  There will be resident complainers. The kind that probably went “I’ll tell to Miss” when they were in school. Unfortunately, this kind never grew up and will still continue to believe that going to the teacher and “letting them know” something will somehow give them eternal glory.
  • Seniors are scary. Treat them with the respect they deserve, and they will in turn help you out later. I’ve learnt this first-hand! Their tips are invaluable and they are mostly ALWAYS RIGHT.
  • Don’t plagiarise. You WILL get caught. And everybody WILL find out.

7 thoughts on “Things people never tell you about college

  1. Agree with most things except for:
    “If someone says : “OHMYGOD! ” – people can be honest at times (like me ;) , I almost flunked a subject saying this to friends), and
    “If a teacher understandingly says : ” – we are blessed to have a few teachers, who directly say it in the beginning of class – there is no attendance, attend if you want to listen, otherwise don’t come to class. :-)

  2. Very nicely written !! Being a final year engg student could relate with almost all the points mentioned over here !! :-)

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