I’m Geetanjali Chitnis, and I live in India. I love reading, writing, music and eating- not necessarily in that order!

This is my personal blog, where I often write about what I think, feel, hear or see. I also write for a living – I’m a content writer for a marketing communications company in Bangalore.


6 thoughts on “Me

  1. For any Pride & Prejudice fan, the 1980 BBC version is a must-see. In every matter except the casting of Jane it is far superior to the so-so 1996 version and ghastly 2005 version (I guess I would have liked those more if I hadn’t seen this first). In this case faithfulness to the text is a good thing and it is simply the funniest, most enjoyable and most believable adaptation, but is unfortunately unobtainable.

  2. hi, u r in school and sound so old.. (tats meant as a compliment)..
    Loved the blog.. atleast parts of it i relate to.. it was fun reading thanx to the style and vocab used.. keep blogging.. u got another reader , though not regular :(

  3. Migosh, you are not the kid I photographed in 2003 .. it sounds as if you are all grown up!

    Good writing; keep practicing. And thanks for photos of your mom’s garden; she should indeed be proud and happy with it.

  4. After reading some of your post’, i thought u were a elder than me..God! you are not!
    Hi…Nice style…and go on..hmm..wll peck here on my free times…treat with new dishes…lol.. :)

  5. Hi geetanjali,

    Read your blog, good one there.. Atlhough, wanted ur blog up on my feed reader, but for some reason your RSS link dont seem to work as of now. You might want to get this fixed. And do let me know.

    Allen Braggs
    allengbraggs on twitter

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