Makes Me Wonder

I’ve been listening to Maroon 5′s latest album “It Wont Be Soon Before Long” and I really have to say that I’m loving every track! “Makes Me Wonder” is an amazing song that lifts your spirits up no matter what mood you’re in anytime you listen to it. When I first heard “Wont Go Home Without You”, I thought it sounded pretty much like their hit song “She Will Be Loved” from the album “Songs About Jane”, but the start is deceiving, as the two are quite different. The song is one of the slower ones on the album.

Adam Levine’s vocals are awesome on every song.

Yeah, I really love the band :p

One thought on “Makes Me Wonder

  1. ‘wont go home…’ and ‘she will be loved’ are equally slow but the chorus is pretty different.
    But ya i agree with you ‘makes me wonder’ does lift your spirits up. Just like the previous album ‘this love’.

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