Adele, Writing and Test Cricket

I know that I really need to be writing more often, but I suppose this is what happens if writing is a major part of your day job! Also, this is what happens when you get used to restricting yourself to 140 characters *glares at a certain micro-blogging site*

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Hello World

Dear Blog,

I haven’t missed you, although I’d love to say that I thought about you everyday.

The start to 2010 was totally kick ass, if I may say so. I went to Mangalore, attended the most romantic + fun wedding EVER, and generally had the time of my life. Also, I got to wear a pretty purple dress, which of course is a highlight!

Then, I came home to a brand new shiny silver 8 GB iPod 5G Nano which I have christened Zora. She now finds a permanent place in my pocket. I have discovered that life is so much more fun when it’s got its own soundtrack. Plus, I get to NOT hear all the sooperdooper kannada hits some men seem to think is ”flattering” to sing when a girl walks past them on the road.

All this has managed to distract me from the fact that I turn *shudder* thatdreadedage this year.

I also know that this is a bit random, but some teachers just KILL my love for poetry with their ‘listen-to-me-I-am-going-to-tell-you-the-meaning-of-this-poem’ attitude. Poetry needs to be discovered, woman. It’s not fair that you get to THRUST your ‘understanding’ of it on anybody just because you want to feel like you deserve that pay cheque at the end of the month.

Quarter life crisis

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

Grey’s Anatomy has got me listening to a bunch of songs I used to listen to a hundred times a day. Run by Snow Patrol is one of them. It’s probably one of the most amazing songs ever.

When did life get here? I’m nineteen. My get-to-be-emo days are almost over. My little cousins are not so little anymore. One told me the other day that she likes Taylor Lautner without his shirt on, and another other one has just developed her first crush on a classmate.


I may not be as dark and twisty as before, love age can do that to you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. The dark and twisty period, it can be defining. Holed up in your room, with heartbreak songs in the background as you begin to pack away another unfinished chapter of love. Chocolate wrappers spread on the floor, and a romance novel lying spine up on the bed.

And then one day, you wake up, and you realize you’re halfway through college.

And I will try to fix you.

When you try your best but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse

- Fix You (Coldplay)

This song always puts things in perespective for me. Always. It has this power of sitting me down, face-to-face and saying look, shit happens. Chris Martin may have written this song for Gwenyth Paltrow after her father died, but everytime I listen to this song, it hits a raw nerve somewhere.

“Stuck in reverse” is a phenomenon I am slowly getting used to. It’s something I love at times, and I detest it at other moments. When I crave a whirlwind, a gentle steady breeze is a bit of a let down but as I get older, I realise I’d rather have the breeze. In all the blur of activity, listening to this song is a translucency process.

I become easier to read for myself.

So if there’s anyone fixing me right now, Chris Martin, it’s me.


I’m listening to “If I Fell” by The Beatles on repeat. This song is fast replacing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as my all-time favorite Beatles song. And you know interestingly, I heard somewhere that “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was written for Patti Boyd, Harrison’s first wife. Another great who I share my birthday with played lead guitar on the album version of the song, and also wrote “Layla” for the same woman! And the acoustic version of “Layla” is currently my ringtone.

Yes, I love complicated connections :)

I’m reading lots of chic lit, as usual. Ranging from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre ( for college – and ok so it’s not exactly chic lit heh) to Advaitha Kala’s Almost Single (hated it), and right now Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic Takes Manhattan”. I’m desperately looking for this book called “Marrying Anita”  by Anita Jain that I’ve been hearing good reviews about, but I’ve looked everywhere and simply can’t find it.

Nothing seems to live up to Zoya :(

I need to invest in a decent bookshelf.

Oh and did quite ok in my first semester examination, and earned a bit of cash so I’m pretty proud of myself.

And now the loops are reminiscing
Recurring dreams of minor chords
Metered time
Muted chimes find the beat
-Maria Taylor “Song Beneath the Song”

It feels like I can breathe again.

It might be the rain, or the fact that I’m lying on my bed listening to it. Or just that I have nowhere to be except here right now. I have nobody to be with right at this moment but myself.

There are times when I long for moments like these. When the light, and the pace of everything is right, is blended into now. When the words flow easily. When I have time to think what I am thinking, and to think about thinking about something else, just because I can.

I can fall asleep now, if I want to. Or lie wide awake, just the same.

It’s the middle of the week, I’m in love, and it’s raining.

You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in the fields of gold

So she took her love
For to gaze awhile
Upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold

Will you stay with me, will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
Well forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we lie in the fields of gold

See the west wind move like a lover so
Upon the fields of barley
Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth
Among the fields of gold
I never made promises lightly
And there have been some that Ive broken
But I swear in the days still left
Well walk in the fields of gold
Well walk in the fields of gold

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in the fields of gold
When we walked in the fields of gold
When we walked in the fields of gold

Fields of Gold - Sting

Say It Right and my full stop fetish, and a list.

There’s just something about this song.

You know it’s just one of those songs that you hear for the first time and you think – woah. Except that happens every time I listen to this song! I know it isn’t something great on the lyrics front but this song just has that thing that makes me feel better no matter what mood I’m in.

It’s official. Say It Right is MY song!

Italics are so much fun. I think they( it?) are much more expressive than any stupid punctuation mark. Although never underestimate the power of a full stop.. It’s the best.


And because I feel like listing, here’s a random list of things I absolutely love:

Life update

Mocks are done :)

Finals start on the 29th of Feb, and will finish on the 27th of March.

Spent all of yesterday after my last mock with my friends . Went for lunch to Cafe Masala – the buffet is great!

Right now, I’m listening to “Believe” by The Bravery for like the bazillionth time today. And I’m finally going to watch “Om Shanti Om” in a couple of minutes.
It’s a few days respite before I hit the books (again).

Ah why can’t March 27th come sooner!

Randomly like that only, da.

Apologize (Timbaland feat. One Republic) and With Me (Sum 41) are the current favourites.
Sometimes friends who might have faded into oblivion have a way of walking back and picking up not quite where they left off.. and it’s a nice feeling :)
It is now the last-but-one-month. I can’t bear to think of saying goodbye to that lovely building!
There is something comforting about seeing a pond with goldfish in it.
I spent half an hour arguing with a bunch of friends over the pronunciation of the word ‘stupid’. I like Stu-PID. While some like saying StYUpid.
Also, the dog managed to lock us out last night for about 20 mins.
Don’t ask.