“First Commercial, then Brigade”

I’ve been shopping so much in the past two weeks ! And mostly shoe shopping :) I bought three pairs of “rocksters” ( yes I know everyones been buying those but they are so pretty!) in black, silver and PINK. Well see normally I’m the kind of girl who does her homework in advance when it comes to buying what she wants – which means I ask around, who got the best price from where etc and then I just go to that one store and pick up whatever it is I wanted. Of course, this method applies to only when I KNOW what I want, as opposed to “I’m bored ..wheee lets go shopping !” For the record that happens about in once in 18 years. Seriously. I mean it.

Ok coming back to the pink rocksters – well they were too pretty to resist. I’d originally planned to buy them in functional colours i.e black and silver but the second I laid my eyes on those pink ones hanging in that little galli-shop off Commercial Street (which is where you get them, for those interested) I knew I had to have them ! Now I just have to find something to wear them with – ah, the difficulties of life !

I also bought my first pair of All-Star Converse shoes in navy blue. I kept meaning to buy them over the last two years, and I never got around to doing so! Except they give me a horrible shoe bite, so I’ll have to find some way of getting past that.

If you’re tearing your hair out after reading about my shoe shopping.. When Geetanjali Chitnis goes shopping ( especially on Brigade Road) there is always a trip to a bookstore involved! And this time, to three bookstores. Crossword was my first destination – I wanted to pick up a journal in handmade paper (top secret purposes) and I wanted to pick up a copy of Emma and Persuasion. But then I ran through most of my ‘finances’ buying pretty stationary, so I had to settle on choosing between one of the books. And I wanted Persuasion more than I wanted Emma. But as my luck would have it, Crossword had Persuasion only in a combination with Northanger Abbey, which I already own. So that led to trips to The Bookworm (which also didn’t have Persuasion) and finally, Blossom’s (which did). So yay, now I have Persuasion, the last of Jane Austen’s completed works to be published !

The beauty of second hand books is the inscriptions you sometimes find on the inside of the book jacket :) There was one on the inside of the copy of Persuasion, from a daughter to her mother. The inscription is dated ‘Xmas 1987′ – three years before I was born! I don’t know, I just love knowing that books have their own stories – apart from the one that is printed inside them.

Oh and I forgot to mention – somewhere in between the shopping was a stop at (where else ?) KFC!