Define : Squibble

So a lot of people have asked me what the word ‘Squibble’ means. Until now, I had mistakenly believed that it was a word made-up (by yours truly) but I decided to check what Urban Dictionary has to say about the meaning and this is what came up :


A combination of the words ‘scribble’ and ‘squib’ (a small firework) Hence – someone with an explosive personality who likes to write. Also a pun on quip, and quibble – a witty comment.

Isn’t that cool!?

And before you point out that it is the second definition – it’s the one I like best (for obvious reasons ;) ) so this is what I am going to tell the next person who asks me what the word means!

In other news, I finally finished my final semester exams and am now officially unemployed or employable – whichever way you choose to look at it! I will be putting up a post soon on the kind of stuff I want to do, so watch out for that. In the meantime, you can head over to my Work page to take a look at my CV, and if you think you know of any part-time writing opportunities, please let me know.


We are taking it easy
Bright and breezy
We are living it up
Just fine and dandy

We are chasing the moon
Just running wild and free
We are following through
Every dream, and every need

And it really doesn’t matter that we don’t eat
And it really doesn’t matter that we don’t sleep
It really doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter at all

‘Cause we were so young then
We are so young, so young now
And when tomorrow comes
We’ll just do it all again

We are caught in a haze
On these lazy summer days
We’re spending all of our nights just
A-laughing and kissing, yeah

No it really doesn’t matter if we don’t sleep
No it really doesn’t matter if we don’t sleep
It really doesn’t matter at all

And it really doesn’t matter that we don’t eat
And it really doesn’t matter that we don’t sleep
It really doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter at all

And it really doesn’t matter that we don’t eat
And it really doesn’t matter that we don’t sleep
It really doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter at all

- “So Young” by The Corrs

Date a girl who reads.

This isn’t mine ( I wish it was), but I fell in love with it and couldn’t resist sharing! It’s by someone called Rosemary Urquico and to quote this blogger:

I’ve Googled the crap out of this and can’t seem to find any indication of who this Rosemary Urquico woman is, but that doesn’t mean I love this any less.

I found something about her!

Are you ready for the most perfect piece of writing ever?

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BMTC Girl’s Rules


I’ve been meaning to write this for a while.

Everyday, for the past 3 years, I travel by BMTC bus from my home to college and back.  As I write this, I realize that no matter how much I grumble and mutter about the hassles of using public transport, Bangalore actually does have a pretty efficient bus system that many people do not take advantage of, or are simply not aware of.  I have come to cherish my bus journeys everyday, I think it really has given me a better understanding of people in general. I see (and interact with ) so many people on the bus, some ace bus travelers and some awkward ones.

So I thought maybe I should write about some rules that I personally follow on the bus, which have helped me make these journeys a little more successful and less stressful!

Be warned, these are restricted to bus travel within Bangalore and are strictly based on my personal experiences and may not apply to everybody!

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Fifteen Authors – Part 1

There’s a meme running around on Facebook with instructions that go like this :

The Rules – Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors, poets included, who’ve influenced you and will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag a few friends, including me, because I am interested in seeing what authors you choose. To do so, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people in the note.

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Richard Castle

Sometimes, I wish I had one of those jackets that Richard Castle has which state what he is, in loud bold letters for the whole world to see – WRITER. I say this because, even if at the most superficial level, it’s some kind of identification. It sets him apart from not only his non colleagues but maybe even his peers.


See? So simple, so confident. It just rushes off your tongue like a gush of air. Whoosh. Powerful, yes? But it’s not so easy to identify with. Okay, so I write. But I don’t just want to be a writer. I want to be a (here we go again) WRITER. One that I can identify with the confidence that I WANT to have, that I often find myself wondering if I will EVER have.

I write all the time. I write tweets, poems, blog posts, essays, tests, exams. I write my name. I write my address, my college, my class, my section. I’ve written in slam books, on restaurant feedback cards. I’ve written on Facebook walls, on real walls. I’ve written my number on a boy’s hand. I’ve written love letters, hate letters, official letters. I’ve written apology notes, thank you notes.

But this I could be You. And I don’t want to be You. I want to be Me.

Me, the WRITER.


Today was a day for heroes.

First, there was Rahul Sharad Dravid and his magnificent 104 against New Zealand. I didn’t watch any part of his innings, but kept a close eye on the score. I can’t help but admire this man, I don’t know how exactly it started, but he’s been one of the few people/things I *believe* in and no I am not saying that in a fanatical-SQUEEEE-fangirl kind of way (okay, maybe just a little bit).

Then, there was Darcy.

I sat down to watch Pride & Prejudice (2005) for probably the fifth time, and this movie never fails to remind me why I love Darcy so. For a long, long time my idea of the perfect romance stemmed from the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr.Darcy. The witty banter in the beginning, then the quiet looks, filled with longing coupled with awkwardness. No fanfare, but fierce all the same. So now, I will go back and read the novel (again) and fall back into Darcy-land.