Citizen Kane

Yesterday, someone told me that someone told them to always watch a movie twice. The first time to just enjoy it, and the second time for analytical purposes.

I watched Citizen Kane (for the first time) this evening. I had no idea what it was about, and I didn’t even look it up on IMDB or Wikipedia. All I knew was that it has been much talked about over the years, and very highly rated by most movie critics. I’m still deciding if I liked it or not!

Warning: Spoiler(s) ahead so if you haven’t watched it and you want to, don’t go any further!

All I can say right now that the film depicts people as people are. The character I really loved was Kane’s second wife in the film, Susan Alexander Kane. I especially loved this particular line of hers :

“I didn’t want to sing. It was his idea – everything was his idea – except my leaving him.”

The depiction of how totally alone and crazy Kane gets after his second wife leaves him is amazing in that one particular scene where he destroys all her remaining possessions in her room with his bare hands. This is almost symbolic of his own destruction and downfall, which he caused himself.

Maybe I’ll watch it a second time!